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I live in VA. Music & Animals & Nature is all I ever post. I'm really into anything dark and mysterious as the dark side of the moooooooonnnnn
I like drugs. byeeee.


Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”

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▲ obey the prophecy ▲
the door to wonderland





"Losing your virginity" will henceforth be called "your sexual debut".

Because you’re not fucking losing anything.



I’m a fan of opening night as well

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“I wanna go on a roadtrip someday. Alone or with someone I love. I wanna get away. Explore places. Sleep in the car. Stop a lot just to admire the view. Visit museums and try out coffee shops. Listen to my favorite albums while driving. Have a polaroid camera. Take pretty pictures of the sunrise. Take pictures of myself. Run through a forest. Chase fog. Chase the sun. Spend hours on a field making flower crowns. Feel the wind in my hair. Buy souvenirs. Meet people. Take time to observe. I wanna make memories. I wanna feel alive.”

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A delicately choreographed whatever the hell it is they’re doing.

Tomorrowland 2014 (x)